Library from dlna source

I have a kodi instance running, and everything is shared with dlna. Infuse can connect, browse and play from this share just fine, but it cannot scan to library. Why not? This would be so great, as kodi keeps everything in sync for me, and masks rar-files etc. when going through the dlna share.

Bump. Am I the only one who wants this, or was my request unclear?

Unfortunately Library won’t be available when using most DLNA/UPnP devices. You would need to connect via SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV.

That’s too bad. See, by using Kodi’s DLNA-server, all media is served through Kodi’s VFS. This enables transparent access to e.g. rar’ed media and other Kodi media sources that are implemented as a VFS.

Assuming media on a DLNA share has a static identifier, I don’t see why one shouldn’t be able to store these in the library in the same way as paths to files on a network drive.

Bump again. Why can’t this be done? Aren’t the DLNA generated “paths” static?

Unfortunately, links from UPnP/DLNA sources are not static, and can change frequently when content is added or removed.

Alright, thanks for the clarification. How about rar-archive support then? the Infuse library is basically useless for me and many others, too, I think, as our media is stored in (mostly uncompressed) multipart rar.

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