Library feature for tvOS

Perhaps this is already in the works, but much as the Infuse media player for aTV Flash Black allowed, the 4th gen AppleTV would also greatly benefit from a Library feature that automatically scans and catalogs your Favourites folders.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that organizes my shows into a “Show > Season > Episode” structure or consolidate all files associated with a movie (subtitles mostly) into a folder. Currently by only browsing a folder structure, you have to navigate to the deepest level to pull any metadata. This leaves a real mess of beautiful posters mixed in with generic folder icons.

The Library feature would totally solve that. I loved the feature in the old Infuse and would love to see it implemented again. Thanks!

+1. I can’t imagine there would be any user who wouldn’t benefit from this. Navigating even one folder deep for every show is annoying. I organise by TV Show > Season. Movies all in one folder so no issue there.

This is indeed something we plan to have.

It will likely come in 2 phases - deep folder scanning being added first, then a full-fledged library view where we can add fancy sorting/search options (year, cast, genre, etc…).

Lots of good things still to come. :wink: