Library erase for update

Hi all, I am constantly having an effect, that sometimes is annoying.
Sometime after an update, all metadata/library data is erased. Even all the images of my shares are gone.
When starting infuse, it says, that the data was erased due to low memory. However, the amount of memory is still around 4gb according to the app Tv Info, and I am not using any games or stuff on my atv4ks. I have two of them. Just yesterday there was an update on both of them. One erased all data, the other didn’t.
Restoring the library is not a big deal. My library is around 2.1 Gb. It’s more annoying to reinstall the images of my shares. There are 8 shares.
Sometimes the images come back by themselves. Sometimes not.
I am experiencing this behaviour since I started with infuse, which must be like 6 or more years.
Maybe 4gb is not enough. The app says that I am using around 28gb of memory. But I don’t know, where this is all used. Any idea ?
Thx, Gregor

First, many apps that maintain a “program grid” like Netflix, Channels, etc will eat more than a fair share of the available “system erasable” memory just like Infuses metadata. This amount isn’t part of the available space seen on the disk space apps for ATV.

When this happens you may want to go straight to the Library Settings screen where you can see the activity messages on the lower left side of the screen and there you can watch the progress of the rebuild. Before you manually replace anything wait until you see the iCloud sync finish and you get the "Last Updated… " message. Then see if anything else needs manual replacement.

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Hi NC, thanks for the answer. I will do so next time.

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