Library disaster - almost all TV Shows in Other

I just got an Apple TV 4k and saw that Plex was absolutely trash with direct playing on it, so I decided to try out Infuse Pro.
The actual playing of all the video files worked great with infuse, but I’m having a lot of troubles with the library feature.

I added my NAS to the shares, selected my media folder and then it started to scan the files. It ended up placing 3800 files in the ‘others’ category. After this I removed all my folders and cherry picked one folder (tv show, so multiple files) it seemed to have problems with.
The show is called ‘Minshuu no Teki’ and is easily searchable on thetvdb, but it still put the all the files in the ‘other’ category instead of making it a ‘tv show’. Trying to manually fix the metadata search seems to be impossible once the tv show is in the ‘other’ category because it sees it as a single file. Am I doing something wrong?

The files in the folder are named like this:
[Fumei] Minshuu no Teki - 01 (WEB 720p x264 AAC) [DC366E2B]

Is there maybe a way I can manually search for the tv show per folder in my share?

I’m new to Infuse, but I’ve also got thousands of items in the “other” library. Infuse is lacking when it comes to library management. I’ve also got hundreds of TV episodes in the Movies library, and there’s no way to indicate that they should be part of the TV Shows library. Ultimately, more library management, and more than just two libraries and one catchall (“other”) are needed. I know I’m just going to settle with thousands of items mismanaged, because I don’t have the time or patience to edit their metadata.

Has Infuse completed a full Library scan? Since you’re a new user it could take some time and as long as the naming convictions needed are followed Infuse will sort out the shows in “Other” to the correct areas.

Yes, it took more than two days (with a Google Drive API ban in between) to complete on my Apple TV. Now new scans take about thirty minutes to an hour to scan in any new content. It’s slow as hell, but it plays everything, so that’s already a big improvement over Plex. I’m really looking forward to native Plex integration.

I am new to Infuse Pro as well, but I had already all my libraries organised for Plex and Kodi and all my TV Shows matched after the first scanning. Only one TV Show didn’t have the fan art, but it had only a couple of episodes on it. And it still showed the right name. So I don’t know if it may help, but my file system structure for the TV Shows is the one suggested for Kodi:

  • TV Show name
    — Season 1
    ----- Episode s01e01
    ----- Episode s01e0n
    — Season 2
    ----- Episode s02e01
    ----- Episode s02e0m

and so on. The file names can be anything as long as there is a way to identify season and episode. It even recognises all episode of a TV Show with 4 seasons, where the file name are like this: 1x06 - Send in the Clones.avi. Kodi with that gets confused, for example. It may take a bit to reorganise a large library, but in my case it was worth the effort.

@Magenof Without a way to identify season and episode the matching may fail indeed, I believe. As I wrote above 1x0n wasn’t good enough with other apps. Usually the best format is the one showed above, like s01e01, or s10e21. Again, I am not sure if renaming the episodes will help, but it’s worth to give it a try.

Plex identifies all of the content perfectly, so the naming conventions are likely sufficient. For the TV library, they are following the convention you outlined. I’ve noticed that Infuse is much less forgiving than Plex, especially with items that follow that convention but may add a dash between parts of a title, for example. I would expect a regular expression to simply ignore most of that, but it’s clear Infuse’s matching algorithm is not as robust as Plex’s.

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I love how smoothly Infuse plays my MKVs, but yes, library management is where Infuse is extremely lacking and could use a robust overhaul. The dev team has definitely spent a lot of time to make sure the videos play well, but users need more control over the way the library is organized and viewed.

Infuse library management is useless at times with TV shows, it’s forever getting Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mixed up and at times it just completely ignores some new content like LUCIFER for example, I just can’t get it to see that folder and content at all. It also seems to put a lot of other shows which it mistakenly identifies in with this same Marvel folder, after I’ve finally manually got shield to be identified properly. I’ve noticed the Marvel show sometimes is identified as Supernatural, then if I manually fix this later it will mistaken Supernatural as Marvel, it’s bloody infuriating. The folders and file names do follow the expected conventions and KODI for example practically never has any problems like this, and when it does it’s because the naming convention is wrong.

I’ve given up on using Infuse for TV shows, I spend more time trying to find out why new content either isn’t appearing at all, or where it has been put incorrectly. I’ve gone back to using Kodi on my Zidoo X10 android box, it’s 99.9 % accurate compared to Infuse which I’d put at only 85% as far as getting content identified properly. The content playback side of infuse is bulletproof for me, but I only use 1080p SDR material, I just wish Apple would hurry up and bitstream audio properly so my £1000+ AV receiver could do its job properly.