Library content shows more selection when connected to Plex

Hello everyone this is my first post and I did a basic search before posting this and did not see anything related.

I setup the the Plex shares as follows

Anime Movies
Christmas Movies
Music Videos
TV Shows


When I connected Infuse to my Plex server it provided me the list above and I only selected TV Shows and Movies from options (Star). When I select the files icon everything displays properly TV Shows and Movies. When I select Library icon and goto TV Shows it displays everything from TV shows and Anime inside the Library (anything Infuse thinks is TV), but I did not select Anime under saved share it does the same thing for my Movies and Anime Movies (lumps them together).

Is this proper if so can it be changed I separated my library for a reason. If not now can they be separated?


Welcome to the forum!

Right now, Infuse will index everything it finds on your Plex server. However, we are working on a way to limit this for the upcoming 5.7.4 update.

OK Thanks for your quick response I will watch for this in future releases!

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