Library Categories and grouping

Hi all, I hope this is in the right “category”. I am still getting used to the new forum.
Infuse currently has 3 categories in the library: Tv Shows, Movies & Other.
From what i can see, they work great and are also the only categories that group things together - Movie collections, TV Shows etc.

I want to create a share called “Box Sets” for TV shows that i have the full collection of.
The problem is i don’t want them to show under the TV Shows category folder (hope i am making sense). I can add the folder Box Sets as a favourite, but then i can’t get them to “collapse” into one icon per show. (Collection)

The same happens in the movies category:
I have a Movies folder, Kids movies folder. However the library movies favourite (as per category) shows all the movies (albeit in collections). I am looking for the collections functionality in Movies, Kids Movies folders.

Perhaps what i am actually looking for is the ability to add custom categories to the library (Box sets, Kids Movies etc.) that will have the same functionality of the current Movie category but keep them seperate

Forgive the rambling…I think i managed to explain my issue hehe

Seems i should done a bit of testing before posting.
I created the folder “Box Sets” and moved a series into it. And it did collapse the series into “one icon”. Opening the folder, i see the various seasons. - So step 1 complete.

However, i would like like to NOT see the box sets in the Library TV Movies folder.

The other issue is, although i have a folder called Tv Shows (not the library category folder), if a folder is empty (running series), the folder is still visable - whereas in the Library TV Shows Category folder (sorry rambling again), if a “show” is empty, it is not visable in the folder. - Hence using the library to keep things “clean”

Hi All,

Any comments on creating custom categories, that will also group into collections? Not just Movies & TV.

How about Kids Movies as a category that does not show them under the Movies category? (etc. etc.)