Library and Custom Metadata File


Ive been tidying up all of my file and libraries and just noticed that I have a number of Movies in the “Other” section of the library. Looking at them they are all movies that I have had to crate custom metadata for. If i view the movie in the normal share the cover art and metadata show fine, they just don’t appear in the correct part of the Library.

Any ideas? i’ve posted a sample of the metadata below in case anybody can spot an obvious error?

Thanks in advance,



<media type=“Movie”>

    <title>The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Part One</title>

    <description>An innocent hobbit of The Shire journeys with eight companions to the fires of Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring and the dark lord Sauron forever.</description>










        <name>Elijah Wood</name>

        <name>Ian McKellen</name>

        <name>Orlando Bloom</name>

        <name>Viggo Mortensen</name>



        <name>Peter Jackson</name>