LG G3 DoVi/VRR INFO text

Hey community when I play a 4k Dolby Vision video it always shows me hdr on the TV instead of Dolby Vision. But when I go back to the menu it shows me Dolby Vision. All video settings are on.
I also have a question how to hide vrr information display on the G3 ?

What menu are you referring to?

Also there are improvements to Dolby vision coming in the next update this month so stay tuned.

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Infuse Menu or Apple TV Menu

The pre-playback/movie details page or the drop down menu during playback?

The pre-playback/movie details page

And do you know how to hide this vrr information on the bottom?

The QMS-VRR popup is an annoying “feature” of the new LG TVs that’s can’t be disabled when it detects QMS or VRR in use.

You can disable QMS in AppleTV Settings > Video & Audio > Match Content > Set QMS to OFF.

As for the Dolby Vision file not playing, it’s likely a variant of Dolby Vision not supported by Infuse or AppleTV. Since the movie you showed has TrueHD audio, I’m going to assume it’s a bluray rip. Bluray uses “Profile 7” Dolby Vision, which the AppleTV does not support. However, if the file is Profile 8, it will play back in an upcoming Infuse release.

You can check the file info using a free tool such as MediaInfo.

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