Letter index for quicker navigation using CEC

Requesting a letter index similar to what the official Plex app has to quickly navigate through the movies list.

This is the only blocker that currently prevents me from using Infuse 100%.
Let me explain why.

I don’t really enjoy using my Siri remote so I usually use my LG CX remote via CEC.
While this works fine for 95% of things, there are still some apps that lack some kind of support.

Infuse is one of those apps.
How can I go from the letter A to L with a TV remote when you have a library with thousands of movies? It will take ages…

That’s why I’m requesting a quick shortcut that allow us to jump to a specific letter.

Search sometimes helps, but I don’t remember the name of the movie I’m looking for much of the times, I just know it starts by that letter (I blame my age).

Hope I’m not alone in this.


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