Let's Start with DVD>Files

OK, I just installed the latest version of aTV Flash. I’m back up and running. See the new menu options.

I go to DVD>Files and get nothing, just a boop.
I go to Network and I can see my computer listed above the Options label.

So now what?

I have a new Apple TV with 2.2 installed. Connected to a 6 month old aluminum iMac running the latest update of OSX10.5


So now I downloaded the Combo10 file and put it out on the Documents folder. The installed the Smart Installer. Restarted aTV and tried to connect to my Mac DVD>Network.

Now just getting error - 1069 like a bunch of others.

Tried XBMC as an alternative, but it won’t run. I get a message saying the app can’t be launched and lists the file path. So that’s a no go too.

I think I have my Sharing preferences set correctly, basically sharing my User ID as well as some folders. Set sharing to SMB. Still nothing.

Six hours later I’m still not going. Frustrating.