Let me see if I understand ...

I have had a 2nd gen. Apple TV for some time, and have been updating the software right along with new release. It is at 5.3. This week I read about how wonderful a jailbroken AppleTV is, so I’ve begun checking into it. Am I correct in concluding that my only option that leads toward aTV Flash is doing a tethered jailbreak?

There’s generally no laptop on hand, and no computer near the TV, so a tethered boot is a major obstacle.

If the device has never been previously jailbroken then your only option at the moment is a tethered jailbreak.


That’s what I thought. Well, this will have to be postponed until such time as I have a laptop handy, or I use a UPS to carry the booted AppleTV downstairs. (Just how long can it wait between unplugging the USB and connecting the HDMI?)