Let me get this straight...

Hello all - think I’ve got this all understood, so just want to confirm the following. I’m currently running 4.3 with Media Player. It’s all a bit complicated, but I’ve done as much reading as I can before just asking for answers. Would be great if someone could say if I’m right or wrong.

  1. Each time a new iOS comes out it needs to be jailbroken

  2. Each new jailbreak for these iOS-es will come in the form of an updated version of Seas0npass.

  3. Updating to a new version of iOS will wipe my jailbreak and so I’ll lose my Media Player functionality and other fun stuff.

  4. To prevent this happening I should set AppleTV Updates to Enabled (Enabled = the blocking of AppleTV Updates is enabled, as opposed to the updates themselves, right?)

  5. When an untethered 4.4 jailbreak comes out, I’m going to have to connect my ATV to my Mac once to update this, and in doing so I’ll lose all my settings, like servers, network passwords, etc.

  6. Doing a cloud backup before this - and restoring it after the updates - will restore some (but not all) of my settings.

  7. As a separate issue, updates to the installed apps (eg Media Player) without an iOS update can be downloaded and installed directly on the device, but that’s always a manual process - I have to select that I want to install them - and keeps all settings, metadata, play counts, etc.

If I’ve got the above right then one thing puzzles me - why is there even an option to allow the Apple TV to update to the latest iOS? Seems useless, unless there have been/will be times when the jailbreak and installed apps will survive the update.

Also, what is used as an identifier for my backups? I’ve never entered any personal data into the ATV other than my email address and network details, both of which the backups screen tells me won’t be uploaded. 

Much appreciated all - thank you!

It sounds as if you have basically got it right.

The option to be able to either update automatically, or to be told there is a firmware is part of the Apple firmware.   If you were NOT jail broken then an update to new iOS versions can be done without losing any settings.  With Jailbroken systems this is not the case.   The Jailbreak will have disabled any automated update of iOS, but allows you to control knowing about whether there is new iOS firmware (so you can decide whether to abandon your Jailbreak, or alternatively start looking for updated SeasonPass to handle the new firmware).

As to how you backups are identified I have no idea.  However if I had to guess I would suspect it is tied to the serial number of the ATV as this will be different for each unit.

Backups are tied to your AppleTV’s serial number. If you choose to update the AppleTV software and reinstall aTV Flash (black) any saved backups will be immediately available through the Maintenance --> Manage Backups menu.

Brilliant, thanks all. What I don’t therefore get is why my friend (who pointed me to ATV Black and who JB’ed and installed before me, and before 4.4) hasn’t touched his ATV since installing, and yet has 4.4.1 installed and his Media Player etc is all still there… any ideas?!

Spoke too soon. He just ran an update of some kind and it “bricked” it - he’s had to do the tethered jailbreak to get it going again. A bit sketchy on details, but now sounds in line with what you’ve outlined above.

Good to know about the serial number but also a bummer as had hoped to use backup/restore to keep multiple ATVs in the house in sync, once I have another one. Is there anything planned for that, for watch counts, metadata, server addresses, etc? I’d happily have a file stored on my NAS that the ATVs write that to so they could all access it…