Let Infuse use a NAS as the backup point

We have a number of Apple TV’s which all pull media from our Synology 1821+

iCloud syncing works perfectly but can be slow to update. Is there a way to have these Apple TV’s sync locally and not via iCloud?

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Currently there isn’t but I did move your post to an active thread in the suggestions forum asking for that feature.

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This is a really good feature for Infuse.

Already doing this for MrMC + Synolog NAS + SQL, and working fast and reliable.

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I was just thinking about this recently after I started using Plex. Not sure how plex handles this, but the library updates instantly on any one of my dozen devices without rescanning. Probably the global database that you mentioned.

Yes, that’s why I switched back to Plex. Infuse was really good for a while, but I was hoping for a lot more from version 7. For example, the filtering could be much better, I don’t like the layout and presentation anymore and the eternal scanning for new movies and series is just annoying. That’s why I now use Plex, which is much faster and direct play works there too.

I’m with you infuse needs to fix this asap its so inefficient. There are certain things I’m liking about Plex and certain things I like about Infuse. And certain things about Jellyfin. Damn we need one app that combines the best of all 3.

I’d use Jellyfin as the backend for sure.

For example, Jellyfin has a plugin that can grab metadata from YouTube videos and YouTube Originals.

The thing with iCloud syncing instead of NAS backup point is that Infuse doesn’t sync everything to iCloud.

For this, I would use the backend media server as the interface.

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I would I really like Jellyfin but due to some unavoidable circumstances and my workflow, I cant. So right now I’m using Plex as the backend.

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Its that time again @james please consider this suggestion. I’m having to redownload metadata everytime my appleTV updates. This is frustrating.


still nothing?

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At this point I would recommend people use plex, emby or jellyfin as the backend and infuse for actual playback…get the best of both worlds. Each of those apps is way better than infuse at metadata scraping and management but when it comes to playback infuse is where its at.

Or, just let us save our damn metadata in the same place we already store our media? How freaking hard can that be? The database already exist. Just let us back it up locally.

iCloud sync works, but not really. Yes, it works to restore your lost metadata, but it takes several minutes when you open the app to do so. It also doesn’t save your custom library artwork, so you manually have to add that back every time it dumps the data. So for me, I’m going to say that it doesn’t work, I don’t want to have to wait 2-5 minutes every time I open Infuse for it to pull my metadata back in.

I agree that I’d love a server side option to save the data so it doesn’t get wiped. iCloud is just too slow.

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Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

iCloud is only saving details of which filename is linked to which entry in TMDb as well as the metadata “specs” of the files, such as resolution, time, etc and watch status. Restoring this should happen relatively quickly. Most of the remaining time taken is for redownloading the metadata (title, description, etc) and artwork from TMDb.

+1000 for using NAS as storage for datas

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Makes sense, cant argue against that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for this given there are other suggestions which have taken YEARS to be implemented and others still. I suspect there is actually only 1 infuse developer (given how slow updates come and the backlog of suggestions) and I think this is pretty down there in james’ priority. Anyway since I’m not willing to wait, I’ll personally just keep using plex as the backend.

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