Let Infuse use a NAS as the backup point

Let Infuse use a NAS as the backup point for all configs, metedata, etc.


I suggested same in original thread. Store metadata on source in an SQL database. That would be not a big size too.
It could be an option: store metadata in iCloud or on Source.

Storing on NAS can be either es local XML files or SQL database (setting on same NAS), just let schema known, allow to add address and use local SQL base for all data storage.

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Agreed. We need a way to backup metadata. Storing them in the cloud doesn’t seem to retain that information, resulting in having to edit metadata several times because metadata is being wiped out.

Seems like this would also make migration to a new drive easier.

This would be better then doing a cloud sync backup as well. +1 for this.

Just now, for no reason at all, I closed Infuse, then opened back and all my watch history, and even images, got wiped :frowning:
Ability to save metadata on NAS would be really big help with this.


Being able to backup infuse would be awesome

Have had it happen on a few occasions where all library content, etc is lost

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+1 this would be huge

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I second this 1000% as trying to make the updates across multiple devices to fix thumbnails and such is painful when I have everything on my local NAS. you can then either have a setting that allows multi-master or designate one device as the main editor if changes need to be made.

+1 :slight_smile:

That would be great if you could do that please.

So, James… what are your thoughts on giving us this option?

James? What do you say?

Backing up your metadata to a hard drive is a suggestion that’s been around for years. I’ve read a few older messages, but I saw no reason given why It’s not possible, or why it’s not been added.
All the recent problems with wrong or missing metadata would have been fixed by restoring a saved backup. This would be an improvement over iCloud and not to replace current methods but as an additional option.
Hope this feature appears in some future update.

I would also like to see this added. It seems like storing backups and image caches to a Samba share would be relatively simple.

I will also re-iterate that we need better control on clearing metadata and deleting files that are not metadata (e.g. subtitles).