Let Infuse play the default language of mkv files


Following this threat [#100593] Infuse not playing the mkv default audio and subtitle track I’m posting about the possibility to let Infuse play the audio and subtitle default .mkv tracks when Infuse language settings are set on Auto.

For example in a mkv with the following tracks:

  1. Video (Default track)
  2. JAP Audio (Determine automatically)
  3. JAP Sub (Determine automatically)
  4. FR Audio (Default and Forced track)
  5. FR Sub (Default and Forced track)
  6. Chapters(Default track)

I’d like to Infuse to do just like VLC and play track 4 and 5


The upcoming 5.7.3 version of Infuse will correctly honor the default flag for audio and subtile tracks. :slight_smile:

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Would be nice an option to switch off this feature…
I had really loved this option to play movies in selected audio tracks. I watch movies in english all the time, now with this option I have to select english track.
Could You implement a switch to “Select default audio track” On/Off ?

Should I open a new thread?

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“5.7.5 (pending)

Further improvements for audio/subtitle track selection. “

@james: is there hope to implement an option to turn off this feature?

Yes, that’s actually what we’re working on for 5.7.5.

In short, with Infuse set to Auto the default flag would be honored, and if no flag is set Infuse would use the language set by your device.

If you choose a language explicitly in Infuse, then that selection would be honored, and the default flag would be ignored if it doesn’t match your selection.

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