Lesson in Bad UX design

Hey James,
You see that orange button titled “Resume”? Guess what every user expects to happen when it’s selected? That’s right, resume the movie. But does that happen? NO!

Maybe it’s because your UX team doesn’t have a dictionary handy or some other reason (like bad UX leadership–I should know I work in Tech), but they need to actually have the “Resume” button do what “resume” means, and not force the user to YET again confirm what they have selected.

{rant over}

Or you could just use the settings to have it work the way you want.


Thank you!

And as a continued example of Bad UX design, the Default settings should be set up to actually reflect “Resume” rather than have to implement this functionality. Otherwise, the “Resume” button should be something like “Click This Button to Click Another Button”.

And now that I’ve selected “Ask,” the “Resume” button has been replaced by “Play” which doesn’t allow you to immediately RESUME where you left off. Yet more bad UX design. Oy vey. Is it so much to ask for a “just go” button?

…back to the non-“Resume” ask option.
Edit – I found buried in that Resume option, to “ON” — I mean, come on, why hide the obvious? Fire that UX manager!

If you work in tech but don’t know how to turn on simple settings within an app (he even showed you where to go with pictures) maybe you should be the one getting fired from your job?

A great UI gives users options. In this case Infuse gives the users 3 different options. On (which is what you want) ask (which is what I prefer) and off (which someone else may prefer).

The only lesson we can learn in this thread unfortunately is that you have bad manners.


I have the feature disabled because it basically makes it impossible to rewatch stuff like kids TV shows when it frequently interrupts asking to resume. (Because episodes are only a few minutes long and one was previously stopped part way through, but you’re putting on Bluey for the 100th time and just want it to autoplay through the season for a bit).

I’d like if I could long press the play/resume button however to bring up ann option to resume. I do want to resume things like movies on occasion

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I think we should all just see this for what it is: @agon123 clearly had a bad day, let this UX travesty (call your local paper) wedgie him, and this is the outlet. I can’t possibly imagine someone being this much of an oozing snot on a normal day.

I appreciate your feedback.

If I remember correctly, the current default was to maintain the behaviour of the play/resume button before the option to modify its behaviour was introduced.

what is with the aggressive behavior and know it better in this post? Really annoying and maybe talk that way to your colleagues but not actual others you don’t associate with

It’s not like this app isn’t super popular so surely there is something they do right


OP’s question asked and answered.

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