Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard... Does it work?

They are on sale and was wondering if they work with the Apple TV? If so, how well? Just wondering for those of you knowledgeable peeps out there if you have any experience with this remote at all?

The reason why I ask is because they are on sale here…

UPDATE It works! I talked to the ATV Flash guy over iChat and he confirmed that it works. The remote has good reviews all around. These are the cons:

  • It feels a little cheap (too light and the scroll bar seems a little loose, but it works)
  • the left and right click buttons are above the trackball which makes it a little awkward to use
  • almost everyone says that the keys should’ve been backlit, because you can’t see the keys on the keyboard in the dark
  • the shiny plastic is prone to LOTS of ugly fingerprints

Overall it seems that every review gives it from a 7 to 8 out of 10 mostly because the product works fine.

I hope that helps everyone here!

I've purchased the Lenovo Remote with Keyboard, but am unsure how to install/pair it with my Apple TV. Any advice?

I also own the lenovo remote.  Were you finally able to use it?