Legit place to get jailbroken atv2 with all apps.

Does anyone know a place that sells these in the los angeles area or an actual business that sells these. I wanted to exhaust all other options before i resort to ebay where they are basically charging like 150 dollars tax on their jailbroken ones.

Another thing if I find a atv 2 at a store like frys or target will these be jailbreakable or will they have the latest update on them?

If i find one unopened labeled with this model Apple TV MC572LL does that mean i can jail break it?

It all depends on the current iOS. All the models (product numbers) of the aTV are the same it is just hit or miss. Also note that you could only jailbreak on the current iOS version or upgrade to the latest iOS (which you cannot jailbreak at the moment)… nothing in between.

Ok I just picked up an atv2 i think and it has 4.0 should i just jailbreak this or should i upgrade to that 4.4.4 or whatever then jailbreak


As I posted in your one of many other threads asking the same question you cannot restore to a specific version without having the blobs for it.