Lead Actor Missing from Mac Infuse

The Beekeeper 2024

Doesn’t show Jason Statham as an actor, only as producer.

Hey @james any updates on why Infuse has blacklisted Jason Statham? :crazy_face:

Has the same behaviour for Mission Impossible 1,3,4,6 & 7. Tom Cruise not shown as an actor, but 2 and 5 do show Tom Cruise as the lead actor.

Strange, on iOS he shows up for all except 3 :man_shrugging:t3:

Yup, same shows (or lacks showing) for me on the same MI movies.

Maybe Cruise and Statham actually AI generated and not real people.

At least we can start a random rumor to that affect and Infuse is the only player that can detect it and adjust the credits accordingly. :wink:

Yeah I’m seeing the same here. Mission Impossible doesn’t show Tom Cruise as an actor, just as a producer. Strangely, MI Rogue Nation show him both as an actor and a producer. TMDB shows tom as an actor and producer for MI.

macOS Version: 7.7.4749 (r81e5695c364a5d6a0c3627e822f590dc5c1a36c7)