latest version for untethered?

Can someone tell me which is the latest version for the Apple TV 2 that has an untethered jailbreak? I’d like to upgrade, but not if I need to tether. I tried to find this informaion searching the forums but can’t seem to. Firecore: Might want to post it in a very obvious spot (home page!) which are the latest versions you support, tethered and untethered.


The different versions of firmware that are supported by SeasonPass are listed in the following ‘sticky’ forum thread:

Note however that you can only update to releases that are not still being signed by Apple (currently everything but 5.3) if you already have the shsh blobs (digital signatures) for the target release on your device.

Thanks. Couldn’t find this. Really needs to be more obvious.

130,697 viewers were able to find it :wink:

Try searching for “untethered version” and see how many hits you get. Now try finding just what you want. Needle. Haystack. Thanks for being an asshat with your reply by the way, way to foster the community.


C’mon, he gave you a winky-face, how could you be mad?

who said i was mad?

Well, me for one.

p.s. the count is up another 47 people who has found that link in just over an hour. :wink:

didn’t your mom tell you not to go putting words in other people’s mouth?


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