Latest Update crashes ATV2

 just updated our ATV2 V4.2.1 with the latest Flash Black update .7-86 and the 
latest Plex client .8.2-1 today. Now none of our video files will play in the 
plex app. When we attempt to play them it just boots out to the main menu or crashes all together. 
Not sure if it was the Flash Black update or the plex update. Running Plex 
Server v0.9.3.5-0.2.0 on ReadyNAS. We have no problems with the Plex apps on 
our other devices such as MacBooks or iPhone 4.


Any Help would be appreciated. 

I am having the exact same issue.  ATV2 V4.2.1, updated Maintenance 0.7-86 and Plex 0.8.2-1 and now whenever I try to watch something through Plex it just reboots the system.

I am having a similar issue. I just updated all the software and now plex crashes frontrow whenever I select a library to view from the menu (ie. TV, Movies). I also started having problems with my libraries not showing up after the previous update. I was hoping this one would fix it.

Here is support’s response. "We’re not able to provide much support for 3rd party plugins like Plex, so your best option will be to visit the Plex forum here:  "

Nice eh?
I did a factory restore to 4.3, then re-jail broke and reinstalled Plex. That seemed to have solved most of the stability problems FOR NOW.
It would be nice if they updates were/are backward compatible. Most legitimate software manufactures ensure updates maintain even basic functionality and stability. 

Thanks, that appears to have fixed the problem for me as well.

The issue seems to be related to the new version of Plex which is designed for AppleTV 4.3 only.

We’re not directly involved in the development of Plex so we don’t have much say in what versions it’s compatible with.

Sounds we have to restore and rejailbreak, not sure how to restore to factorry defaults