Latest releases TV Shows


For movies there is a New Released section and which can be pinned to home screen. For TV shows I am not able to do so, however there is a section new added section, but I want to see the Newlyvreleased as well.

Additionally the Movie library does have many more sections compared to TV shows to pin to home screen.

Anothere question, is it possible to sort the sections on home screen individullay? I know there is a sorting option in settings but this will trigger all sections. A smart collections for TV shows would be great.

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„Custom Collections“ are currently in progress. With a Collection you are able to add TV-Shows and then sort the Tv-Shows individually and pin it to the Homescreen :wink::+1:

That would be great. Any idea in which release this will come?

It should be arrive with the next Update later this Month :wink::+1:

You can always see what new features are coming and an estimate of the release date here.