latest Jailbreaking AppleTV - Worked!

it took me two nights to get it going.

I am writing this post, as it may help out people who had similar problem as I did.


There were two major problem I have encountered


First, DFU mode

I had trouble getting into DFU mode correctly. at first, both my generic and my HTC Mozart WP7 micro-USB cable seems not connecting to Apple TV. Some other post says it may be USB cable not able to transfer data. BUT both cable were able to get my Windows Phone 7 talk to Zune, so I assumed both cables ARE able to transmit data.

SeaOnPass tutorial asked me to get into DFU mode without power cable. I'd never get it working if I followed it.



Second, iTune restore firmware to Apple TV keep failing due to 'not eligible' error #1600. after some googling, it seems that before restoring initiate, iTunes will communicate with Apple's server, to verify the 'restore' is eligible or whatever...




basically, the steps to get Apple TV Jailbroken are

1. get correct custom IPSW (firmware) file



2. put Apple TV into DFU mode

3. use iTunes to restore Apple TV with IPSW file from step#1



below is detail about what you need to do for each steps

1. get correct custom IPSW (firmware) file


run SeaOnPass. You won't need to connect your Apple TV for this step, just run it and select "Create IPSW"

SeaOnPass should take a while to create custom IPSW at your home folder. (eg. /User/Obama/AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F202_SP_Restore.ipsw)

once SeaOnPass finished IPSW file, it will ask you to connect your AppleTV without POWER cord, and ..... etc, ignore it, and just kill SeaOnPass.

(you may do it from menu SeaOnPass / Quit SeaOnPass (cmd+Q) )


2. put Apple TV into DFU mode

before I go into IPSW, I will first explain how Apple TV goes into DFU mode. you WON'T need to disconnect it from power cable at all, from start to end, not at all. KEEP THE POWER CONNECTED.

from Apple Remote, there are two button combination you will need to use

 Reboot = [Menu] + [Down]

 DFU = [Menu] + [Play]    ( seems only work when Apple TV is booting up)

besides button combination, you should recognize Apple TV LED signals too, I have discovered following patterns

a) OFF - Apple TV is off, Sleep, not powered, reboot, etc

b) ON (solid) - Apple TV is powered ON, stand by mode

c) Flash (random interval) - Apple TV is doing something, flash pattern looks like network traffic pattern... not sure, but it is doing something

d) Flash Rapidly (extremely rapid) - Apple TV recognize key combination. eg. after press Menu + Down for 5-10 seconds, you can see this pattern. when you release both buttons the flashing will stop, and apple TV will then execute action -- reboot. This is same for DFU mode Menu + Play

e) Flash (about 1 second interval?) - Apple TV in DFU mode.


SO, to get into DFU mode, you will need to Reboot and then press hold [Menu] + [Play] immediately for 5-10 seconds.


in a nutshell, this is how you put your Apple TV into DFU mode

  • [Menu] + [Down] for 5-10 seconds, until Apple TV LED flash extremely fast, then release both [Menu]+[Down] button.
  • as soon as Apple TV LED off, and LED ON, you
  • press [Menu]+[Play] for 5-10 seconds until Apple TV LED flash extremely fast again, then you release both [Menu]+[Play] button.
  • if you did right, your Apple TV LED will now flashing sturdily in around 1 second interval. and you are in DFU mode.


BUT!!! your are not done with DFU mode yet. This DFU mode will make your iTunes talk to Apple server BEFORE restore, and result error#1600 when you try to restore IPSW from SeaOnPass.

in order to get pass error #1600 you neeed to get your DFU mode into Pwnd DFU mode. (sort of hacked DFU mode?) so that iTunes will proceed and restore.

there are some tutorial explain how to get AppleTV into Pwnd DFU mode with redsn0w, but I could never get them to work, therefore used iREB rc4 instead. which only available for Windows. (sorry 'mac only' user, you may have to try get redsn0w work for you, or maybe run Windows over VM or something...)

what I did is, I connect my Apple TV to my Windows PC, and turn it into DFU mode, then I start iREB rc4, and have to patch the DFU mode (Apple TV)

iREB rc4 then give me a message box about it is success. It would appear, I have to keep this message box on during iTunes restore my AppleTV.



3. use iTunes to restore Apple TV with IPSW file from step#1

open iTunes.

iTunes should recognize AppleTV DFU mode from step#2

shift+click on Restore button. (or option+click on Mac's iTunes, if you ever get Pwnd DFU mode connected to your mac...)

select IPSW file from step#1

iTunes should give you some message boxes. just follow positive buttons, and if your iTunes starts long process, then you probably got it :)

in my case, I got error#1601 at the end of the restore, saying restore is failed. but in fact the IPSW file DID go onto my AppleTV and everything worked fine.

it seems my Pwnd DFU mode tricked iTunes some how, and made it do the eligible check AFTER restore complete? or maybe there are two eligible check, one before restore, and another after? I guess I won't care.... my Apple TV is out of jail!! :)



To check whether the IPSW did work, you can open, and enter following command

ssh root@apple-tv.local

And the passwrd is alpine

SSH may ask you a question before getting password from, just answer Yes to continue.

if it worked, you should see following prompt

Apple-TV:~ root#



Good luck



[EDIT: spelling]