Latest Infuse update crashes shortly after launch on ATV4

Infuse has been working great for me the past few months on tvOS 11. Then yesterday’s update broke something. Infuse crashes shortly after launch when trying to access my videos. The same happens with the iOS version of Infuse.

Anyone else seeing this?

Is Firecore’s support staff on vacation? I sent in an email on Dec 22 about the crashing problem with the last update. I got an automated response but nothing since then.


Did you restart the ATV after the update?

It’d not surprise me if the Firecore group was running a skeleton staff for the holidays but I don’t know for sure.

Yes, restarted it a bunch of times. Went from perfectly stable to completely borked after the update.

Can’t say for sure but you may have to delete and then reinstall Infuse. I’ve had other apps get corrupted during updates and had to start all over.

I guess I have no choice but to delete and reinstall. I’ve been dreading it. It’s such a pain to have to re-enter all my share paths and wait for Infuse to index and tag all my video files.

Oh well. I hope it works.

FWIW, if you’re using Infuse 5 with iCloud Sync enabled, all your shares, favorites, and metadata corrections will be restored automatically.

More info on how this works can be found here.

Whew, what a relief. I have Infuse 5 Pro.

Okay, I reinstalled Infuse. It worked fine initially but started crashing during the scraping process. Could it be a problematic video file that’s crashing Infuse?

Does Infuse run long enough for you to get into your settings?

Sometimes, but just barely. Most of the time, no. I managed to hit the submit diagnostic button, but I don’t know if anything actually got sent.

PM sent.