Latest FireFox 3.6 not working

Hi all!

Should the latest Firefox version work on the AppleTV?
I downloaded the latest Mac 3.6 version of FF to my PC, ran a “DMG explorer” program called TransMac and extracted the .APP file/folder, and I FTP’d this to the AppleTV’s Applications dir.
(I renamed the old FF .app file first)

The new FF shows up, but when I run it in Nito it just goes to the Apple Logo screen with my mouse pointer and sits there until I ESC out.

Is the FF that aTV Flash includes from the get-go a special version? If not, should this latest version run fine?

It’s possible that something happened with permissions or something on my PC when extracting the .app file, so I will try and FTP the app file from a Mac to the AppleTV and skip the PC and see what happens…



Not sure about 3.6 but aTV Flash will install a version of Firefox that is optimized for the AppleTV. This will be a 2.x version of Firefox.

What’s interesting is that when I brought up the “included” FireFox on the AppleTV, it said there was an update available (to 3.0.something)
When I told it to go ahead and update, it seems to have worked great!
There’s a certain game I play via FaceBook that kept telling me I needed ver 3 of FF - now that message no longer comes up and everything seems to be working again.

Either 3.6 didn’t work because it was a stand-alone DMG download as opposed to an in-app upgrade, or else it’s something else about 3.6 that ATV doesn’t like.

I may see if there is a way to upgrade to 3.6 from WITHIN FireFox (as opposed to doing a full DMG download)

Now if I can just figure out why I’m unable to use the keyboard or mouse via VNC I’ll be all set! :slight_smile: