Lastest Maintenance update bricked my ATV2

Last night I installed the latest Maintenance update, it seemed to be successful, it asked me if I wanted to reboot - I said yes.

Now the ATV2 is stuck in a weird loop. It either gets to the Apple logo and goes no further, or stays on a black window with the HDMI sync dropping in and out like it is constantly rebooting.

Any ideas? (I was running 4.2.1)




Same thing happened to me, the atv2 is not bricked but it keeps rebooting so a reinstall is necessary but since the latest jailbreak is tethered and won’t support XMBC and PLEX I can’t update any links to 4.2.1 ??

Hmm, sorry. Can you try re-running the aTV Flash (black) installer from your Mac/PC?

Unfortunately, the latest aTV Flash (black) doesn’t see the ATV2

You may try running the current version of Seas0nPass. This will re-jailbreak and install 4.3 on your AppleTV.

A number of the newer features are only compatible with 4.3, so upgrading will help you anyways.

That seemed to do it. I re-jailbroke it with Seas0nPass, installed aTV Flash (Black) and I’m back in business.

I’m now running 4.3 instead of 4.2.1


Thanks heaps.