Last played position not correct for videos on ixpand memory stick

After the most recent Infuse upgrade, the last played position is applied and synced on all videos on Sandisk ixpand memory stick, even the ones that are not played before. Please see the attached picture.

Here’s the relevant information:
Infuse Pro 6.2.4 (2875)
iPad Air 2
iOS 13.3


Welcome to the forum!

It looks like Infuse has the same metadata fetched for all of these files, which will result in the watched status being the same.

If these are episodes of the TV show ‘60 Minutes’ I’d recommend using one of the TV show naming styles described in the guide below, as this will allow Infuse to fetch the correct metadata for each episode.

Alternatively, you can select the ‘Use Local Metadata’ option from the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner, and this will force Infuse to use the embedded metadata for the items in this folder.

You’re right. That fixed it. Thanks for the prompt response and the great app!


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