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Hi, Installation of ATV Flash worked fine for me, but i have problem using Last.FM. I am able to login, but not to play any audio. I get an error saying " Last.FM is not avaible on this device in my country". By the way I live in germany. Any suggestions?
Thanks for your help.

If you set your ATV to United States, does it work then? - maybe something else they need to work on for next release

I changed the iTunes Store to the United States and the language to english without success.

u need vpn with us ip.

Why? i already have a working account for LastFM. Use it with my macbook without any problems.

Hmmm - should be working in Germany. ( is currently supported in Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, UK and US) We'll be sure to get this fixed in the next version.

+1 having same problem in Germany

Thanks for the new Beta: This solved my LastFM issue. Great Work!

Worked for approx. 30 titels, then keeps saying something like "no more free trials".

Playback via is working and as I´m in Germany there should be no restrictions...

Hi! i have the same problem of the post en Spain --> Sorry! Radio is not currently available on this device in your country. 

But in my mac works well. Any idea to fix that? Thanks a lot! Greetings from Spain. restricts the access from tools !=


Since the implemented player seems like 3rd party you have some free songs and then you have to upgrade your account or use the player for listening :-/


I have the same issue (also from Germany)

Hi! i have the same problem of the post for Italy, thanks for your help.

I was using, hit the free songs limit and bought a subscription. Everything was great for a few days but now it says it’s not currently available on this device in my country. What the hell?

got the same problem "sorry! radio is not currently available on this device in your country".. on macbook all is fine.

edit: iPhone app works too


is there a solution?


I got the Last FM app working on my system, but it proved to be not as useful as I had hoped as you have to have a paid last FM subscription to use after an initial trial period. On my Windows system Last FM via a browser is free. I am guessing this is because the ATV2 version is not continually putting up ads.

I have tried it via the Couch Surfer browser, but although that showed me the site and allowed me to log in it would not play the music - i suspect it needs flash or something like that?

Hi guys,

I've got the same problem in Switzerland. Browser and application on my MBP work perfectly but I get the same error with my ATV2.

Greetings from chocolate country :p

Same problem in Poland. On my iMac works great. Please help provides free streaming through a web browser on a Mac/PC only. Streaming on other devices requires a paid account and is limited to Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, UK and US.

More details on the switch made earlier this year can be found here:

The same problem in Colombia !.

Hi all, i didn’t understand why xbmc developpers find out how make last fm works for free in every country and in firecore app you can’t…
Right now the plugin included in xbmc play songs like a sharm but if i try to use the nativa app included in atv flash black, I get the server error regarding the country.

Please atv flash coder add the same feature of the xbmc, they just do it why you didn’t did yet? I think this will be very appreciate 4 all the atv flash community!!!
Roberto - Italy