slideshow problem

In the last couple of days the slideshow has changed from showing artist pictures to just a black screen with large “” text. Any idea what’s happening?

Some of the server locations have been suffering from power outages over the past few days, which is likely causing problems for some features.

It seems most issues have now been resolved, but more info can be found here.


it is 2014, no poweroutage at but I have the same experience - slideshow just showing default black image with white letter “” on it instead of the artist images.
Just updated to aTV Flash (black) 2.4 running on 5.2 (6010.96).

The app can access the cover-art image shown on the “just playing” page, it can also access the band-info text information -
but somehow not the images needed for the slideshow…
Perhaps important: I am situated in Germany accessing the german information on (sometimes band-info is in german).

Anyone an idea? Is it special for my box or anyone else having this effect?



I have the same problem in Berlin (Germany).

Unfortunately the current issue is due to a API change, as it seems they are no longer allowed to distribute artist artwork (other that the album artwork itself). It’s really unfortunate as this was one thing that made the integration really great.

More details on this announcement can be found here.

We’re looking into other options for replicating this feature with a different service, but there’s no ETA of when this may become available.

Thanks for the answer. At least now I know that I can deactivate the slideshow for the time beeing. It is really unfortunate - actually that feature was the trigger to pay for the service…

Hi. How can I deactivate it?