Last fm expired

Not sure what is happening as i am new to this service but it no longer works stating my trials have expired? Yet if I go to there website it say it is free to uk users which I am.

Can I use it for free or do I have to subscribe or have I not set it up correctly

Hope you can help

Posted same request on the lastfm forum and we have to pay for this service £3 or $3 per month since found video jukebox on xbmc going to delete lastfm for now.

You need a Last.FM Subscription, because the firecore App uses the Radio API from This requires a paid membership.

I would like a Grooveshark plugin from firecore. They don't require this.

see thread

There is already a grooveshark plugin for ATV.  If you haven't already, install the NitoTV plugin from Maintenance menu and you can install it from there.

When does this “trial” expire exactly? I just setup aTVFlash for the first time today, as well as a creating a brand new account for use at my office where I work. I am able to use the app on the ATV2 just fine (for now).

I never saw any mention of subscriptions or a trial at any point during my creation of a new account. I do however (now) see a link in the footer on their website that discusses the benefits of the $3/monthly subscription.

So is that one day (30 days into a new account) I will no longer be able to access this account from the app and receive a similar message? Then be forced to sign up?

The trial doesn't actually have a time limit, but is limited to 30 played tracks. changed their subscription requirements earlier this year, so now everything (aside from the website and desktop app) requires a subscription.