doesnt work


i'm able to login into service, able to see my library etc, but whem i'm gonna listen radio - getting error:

"Sorry! Radio is not currently available on this device in your country"

Pls advice what to do with that error? is currently only available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Sorry.

Hello Max,

thank for reply.

Did you know when it will be available for other countries? Maybe, as workaround, i can use US proxy to get it work?

p.s. What is the reason for such restriction? I have paid subscription and can listen to via my browser without any problems.


Unfortunately there is not timetable for the availability of in other countries. Hopefully soon though.

Hi Bofh,

Have you tried to use US proxy, is it working? If it is OK can you give US Proxy ip addresses?




I was using, enjoying it enough and it says I need to pay $3 a month to keep using it because I live right on the border of Canada and it doesn’t know that I’m in the US… bullshit. any way to get around this location check?

Hi Iphonist,

in fact, US proxy IP address is not a problem, it can be googled in 2 minutes, but i didn't find proxy server option in atv or plex, only found proxy username/password, but not hostname/port.

P.S. Looks like that proxy is not supported for ATV:

Hello Max,

thanks for the answer, but what is the technical reason for such limitation? Why i can listen from my browser or notebook (with local IP), but cannot do the same from my atv?

I tough you had to pay $3 a month to use since a couple of years. I'm in Canada and in aTV Flash Black is working properly and I pay $3 a month since a year.