and Harmony One Remote on OS 5.2/aTV Flash 2.2

I found that with ATV OS 5.2 and ATV Flash 2.2, my Harmony One remote no longer works to control some playback features in the Last.FM app.  Specifically, pause and stop do not work.  

I’m using the default “Apple Apple TV” media center profile supplied by Logitech.  I will report to them also.


  1. Factory remote works fine

  2. Harmony One worked fine for this (I think) in previous OS (whatever last untethered jailbreak was… 4.x or 5.0.x?)

  3. Other apps (tested youtube & vimeo) work fine (pause/play) with this remote

  4. There seem to be other problems with this remote configuration using XBMC Frodo. For example, ff/rw buttons no longer work on OS 5.2 while they did before.  I’ve started a thread on that here: