Language setting ignored

Hi there,

Long time user - newish problem. I use the folder view (not the Library) to browse and play content - always have. Works great. I’m on the latest version of Infuse on an ATV4.

In one of the latest releases of Infuse the prefered language - which has been set to Danish in the settings, so cartoons play the Danish track, when my kids use Infuse - has stopped working, and the English track (which I guess might often be the default track in the .MKV-file) play instead.

Is this a known bug?

Cheers and thanks.

As of 5.7.3, Infuse will honor the Default track (if set).

We are working to fine tune this so you can still select a preferred language, even if that does not match the default track, and plan to have these changes available in 5.7.4.