Language - problem Infuse pro 6.7 Apple TV 4K

I’m unable to change the Audio or Subtitles settings under Language. it is currently on Auto but wish to select English.

Tried going to Infuse pro Setings/ Language/ Audio and replace Auto to English. However, when I click to change it , Infuse immediately crashes. Same can be said for changing the Subtitles under Language.

We have many animes which contain several audio tracks. it always defaults to Japanese.

Also wish to change the sound format from Dolby Surround to stereo.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

This may be a compatibility issue with Infuse Pro 6 and tvOS 16. This is a legacy app which is no longer available on the App Store and will not be receiving any future updates.

If you want to use Infuse with newer versions of iOS and tvOS I would recommend updating to Infuse 7 as it has many improvements for these newer versions, as well as many other helpful changes.

You can get a free year of Pro when moving to v7.

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