Language of Covers and Storyline in Infuse 5 Pro

Hi Guys.

All the movies I have on my iPad are in English.
But because my OS language is French, all movie covers and the storyline are in French… Am not happy with this. Is there a way of changing this? Can’t Infuse automatically download the cover in the main language of the movie? It’s not even possible to change it manually, I only get movie suggestions in French :frowning:

BTW: When going into the edit screen, a few times my keyboard didn’t appear at all. There was no way for me to write anything in the search bar… Bug?

By default, Infuse will fetch metadata and artwork in the language your Apple TV is set to. However, you can override this by adjusting the Metadata language option found in the Infuse > Settings menu.

Note: After adjusting this setting, I’d recommend using the ‘Clear All Metadata’ option in order to force Infuse to refetch metadata in your desired language.

Mmmh. Thanks for your answer… but… in the iPad settings menu, there are two Metadata switches (bulk and embedded). Whatever the combination, the metadata language remains French, even though I delete the metadata before each new attempt.
This means that if I have on my iPad movies in EN, FR, GE, SP and IT, there’s no way for me to see which one is in what langage.

  • Is it not possible to fetch the metadata in the main language of the movie? (Maybe to implement this in the future?) Or to be able to chose/change the metadata language for selected movies?
  • If not, would the only way be to add an xml file as stated here: Inception? Is all I have to do to copy the file in the Infuse Documents folder in iTunes? Guess the file name of the XML should be the same as the movie file.