Landscape lock missing

Upgraded my app and landscape lock is missing. What gives?

On iPad, it’s best to use the native iOS rotation lock (Rotate the screen on your iPhone or iPod touch - Apple Support) as this works much better while using multi-tasking features like Split-View which were added in Infuse 5.

Infuse’s landscape lock is still available on iPhone.

Hi, I’ve just bought an iPad Pro and was surprised that the great feature I liked on the iPhone is missing here. Do you think that it might be possible to enable the orientation lock for iPads again? I’m using my tablet locked in portrait mode most of the time and to watch video in Infuse I have to unlock orientation, let it rotate and then relock it if watching in bed while resting on the side like I do most of the times. You wrote that system lock is a better solution but I honestly can’t see the advantage of removing the landscape lock for iPads. Worst case by allowing if for all devices there’ll be an option in settings which only few people will use but I can’t see the problem with it.

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