LAN Connection but no WAN

Hi All,

I have had by ATV2 Jailbroken for a very long time but it was running considerably old firmware and recently hit some issues so decided it was best to update and re-jailbreak.

I connected the ATV2 to my Macbook Pro (10.9), performed a restore and upgrade through iTunes, downloaded the latest SeasonPass and carried out the jailbreak - this entire process ran smoothly without any issues.

Connected the ATV2 back up, connected to my wifi network but found it could not connect to the internet. Checked all network settings and all appear fine, I changed the DNS as a test to google but this made no difference.

While in this state I can ping the ATV, I can connect via SSH, the FC logo appears as the settings logo and only other logo on the screen is the ‘Computer’ icon.

I did a restore again in iTunes back to factory default and found the issue still existed, I could ping it and see it on the DHCP Table for my router but it still would not connect to the internet…

SO in desperation I pulled out my spare ATV2, performed the same process and found it now has the same problem. So to conclude, I have two jailbroken ATV2 that connect to my router LAN but will not see the internet.

Has anyone come across this issue before? I have scoured google with no positive information… Any help would be appreciated!!


I came across this issue. I found two solutions that appear to work,

  • ssh and set the date and time manually.
  • set up my 3G iPad to act as a hotspot and tell the ATV2 to make a WiFi connection to it. Use that to set up iTunes and get the time from the Nernst.

I am assuming the basis of the problem is some sort of DNS issue so that the routing does not work correctly when going via my router but I am not sure.