Laggy and stuttery for MKV files

love the app but find it very laggy and stuttery with most MKV files, I would also love to see the feature to unpack RAR archives and play the files.

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A bit more info would help try and figure out what’s going on.

What number version of Infuse?

What device?

What OS version on the device?

How are you connected? WiFi or Ethernet?

What protocol? SMB, FTP, DLNA, etc.

What resolution file?

Does this happen to all mkv files?

What do you get when you do a speed test in Infuse with one of the mkv files?

pretty much every version currently 7.0.10 Mac BigSur 11.5.2 Mac Mini Late 2014 i5 8GB ram, same files play well on Movist Pro

Are these local files on your Mac? Can you post a mediainfo for one of them?

yes local files

Are all your files HEVC? I don’t think that Mac supports hardware decoding for that format.

Ok, what about

Newer Macs will support HW decode for HEVC, but I don’t believe this is available on the 2014-era Macs. In this case, Infuse will need to rely on SW decoding which isn’t quite as efficient.

One thing you can try is to disable the Advanced Upscaling option in Playback Menu (tap gear while a video is playing) as this will reduce the load during playback a bit.

My 2012 MacBook Pro has no such issues streaming over wifi using SMB on my old QNAP NAS.

since upgraded to a M1 Mac Mini and the issues are gone, still strange that Movist Pro often dealt much better with MKV then infuse

Great to hear!

I’m curious, did you ever try disabling the Advanced Upscaling options on your old Mac (as described above)? This can help improve playback of some files on older devices, but probably won’t be required on your M1 Mac.

yes I tried that but didn’t make a difference, the only thing that holds me back from using Infusion over MovistPro now is that infusion can’t be controlled via the keyboard which is a pity and vital for me.

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