Lag with remote Emby/Plex servers, and freezing

Recently I’ve started having issues with a remote server that I use, for both Plex and Emby.

Both servers have a LOT of content.

The Emby one was what I started with, was working really well (I had added the server but not set any as favourites), so I’d just browse and watch what whatever I wanted and just didn’t have the metadata from the server in my library unless I watched it.

Of late, it’s started lagging and taking 5+ minutes to start playing a file, and when it gets going, the remote is either very delayed in responding, or just doesn’t work at all.

So I tried swapping over to the Plex server, same thing. Even trying to browse the server, when I go into the menu, it takes 3-4 minutes to let me access the folders.

I tried downloading the Infuse beta, which seemed to work ok, and then the same issues started.

Has anyone come across something similar?

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Can you try browsing through Infuse’s library (instead of directly via Plex folders) to see if things work better for you?

In general, the Library will be a much snappier option, especially if you have a lot of content.

Is that likely to have an effect on the file once’s it’s playing, though?

I’ll give it a whirl, but I still had issues with the app not responding to inputs (eg:pause) and the only way I could get it to stop was to force close the app.

I just tried that now, went to library and moves and the wheel has been spinning for 3+ minutes.

It won’t affect playback.

Infuse will always stream content in the full, original quality. This provides the best picture/sound, but it can use a lot a bandwidth for large files.

Can you try running a speed test in Infuse to see what kind of speeds you are getting from the server? This can be done through Infuse > Settings > Shares > Share Name > Speed Test.

Speed test is attached. As an aside, I had to use the other Apple TV in the house tonight (faulting one is a 2021 ATV 4K, one upstairs is a 2017 4K), and I had almost no issue browsing the Emby server (still set up on the one upstairs), which if I’m remembering correctly, the issue only started when I moved the loungeroom 2017 4K into the shed and bought a 2021 4K for the lounge.

Is this image from the working Apple TV or the non-working one?

If one device is working, and the other not it may indicate a network related issue. Are the devices using Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

This image is from the faulting/2021 ATV - this one is hardwired.

The one upstairs (2017) that’s having no issues, is wifi only.

If the hardwired one is getting slow speeds then maybe there is an issue with the cable or the router port. Try switching things out and see if things improve. Or put next to the other one on WiFi and see if it gets close to matching. Otherwise maybe there is a network issue on Apple TV and you might have to reset or something

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I can always swap them over and try - however the previous one that was in the location of the faulting one, was hardwired also and had no issues.

I tried it on wifi - it’s the same.

I took a video of the problem, but it’s too big to attach.

Is there a way I can send through the video?

Can you try running a speed test on the working Apple TV, and see what kind of results you get?

FWIW, 45Mbps from a Plex or Emby server is quite slow.

This speed test is to the Emby server, the previous one was to the Plex Server, however, the faulting TV had issues with both.

The Emby server is in Finland and the Plex one is in the US, so it’s part of the speed different (have confirmed this on my phone with a speed test to each server).

Another tidbit, when I get something to play on the faulting TV, I can play/pause for the first few minutes and then, nothing responds. This happens with locally content (on a hard drive, plugged into my router, and my “faulting” TV is hard wired to that router).

The no pausing/control issue persists when I remove the Plex/Emby share entirely.

Hi James, any idea what’s happening? Worked fine all weekend, I reset the whole Apple TV, loaded everything from scratch, and left the Apple TV on the whole time with Infuse open so it could get the info, and was working fine until I went to bed.

I assume my GF put the ATV to sleep after watching this morning, and now, back to the same problem.

I can play shows, but then all remote functions cease to work, and the only way to stop the video is to hard quit the app, and even then, once the app is shut, the audio persists for a bit.

Becoming quite disappointed in the operation of the app of late, it’s really been more trouble than it’s worth, especially given I’m actually utilising it for the purpose it’s marketed for now - seems like if you throw a decent sized library at it, it falls over.

Can you try running a speed test for the same server on both devices, to see if there is a meaningful difference?

If you’re seeing significantly slower speeds on one, that would seem to indicate a local network issue.

Hi James,

I will try tonight, and report back, however, I really feel it’s a Infuse issue.

If you leave the app sit long enough, it will work properly but if you try to play it after it’s sat for too long (I have stopped it sleeping at the minute), it will play, and won’t let you pause anything.

Moving to the Plex app lets it play immediately with no issues.

Is there any updates on this kind of issue in the new version? Plex has been flawless, the only shortcoming is it’s lack of DV support for some files that Infuse will play (well, it will play them but then you can’t pause/stop the movie without quitting the app).

Did you have a chance to run a speed test for the same server on both devices? That might provide a clue as to what is going on.

Another thing to keep in mind is when streaming in the Plex app videos will be transcoded to a lower bitrate when network speeds are low, whereas in Infuse you’re always going to be able to watch videos with full quality.

Just an update: I don’t use Plex transcoding so we can rule that out.

I did a speed test to Emby server, and am getting around 190-200mbps average speed.

I’m going to delete and reinstall the app and see what happens.

I know I’m not the only person that’s had this issue swapping to the newer ATV.