Lack of "Watched" marker

Having bought the app on launch day hoping it would be awesome, I’ve been patiently waiting for what seems like months now to be actually able to use it.

I realize that the “Watched” marker is due in 4.1, but is there any kind of ETA on this?

Currently I’m still needing to use Kodi as i’ve no way on Infuse of tracking what’s been watched & what hasn’t.

Many thanks.

This will be available in 4.1 - which we’re hoping to have available very, very soon.

I’m sorry dude, but you don’t know what you’ve watched and need Infuse to tell you?

I’m glad you’ve managed to grasp it, yes.

With a collection of maybe 100 plus TV shows, some with up to 10 seasons, 20 episodes etc, yes, it’s far easier to use Kodi just now, that has a clear “tick” system, and the capability to direct me straight onto the next episode, than try to remember exactly where I am across everything I have been watching.

It’s not a new feature - It is present in Infuse on my old ATV2’s & has been built into Kodi/XBMC for years.

Thanks for your very helpful input though. You simply can’t beat a smart-arse answer if you have nothing valuable to say. :slight_smile:

This is not an ETA… Infuse miss some “basic” function and we paid 10 bucks so it’s time to give us more detailed info: one day, one week, two week… please be more specific!

I believe that 4.1 has been submitted to Apple, so the timescale is currently in their hands.

Other 10 days is passed. I don’t think they submitted to Apple, otherwise they would have announced!

“Lack of a ‘Watched’ marker” surely isn’t affecting your experience THAT much??

Anyone using the beta can assure that the feature is coming, and it works beautifully.
I’m pretty sure Firecore has submitted 4.1 to Apple in the last few days and I would anticipate it coming next week, but who knows? It’s not possible to give a definite deadline. Best of luck

Obviously we’re not just waiting for “Lack of a ‘Watched’ marker” but also many features that were present in ATV2 version, the most important is the management of the library and not the current folders display!
Anyway, let’s wait…

It stopped me using it 100%. I’ve not used it since launch day when I paid for it.

I currently have Kodi running which does everything I need it to do & keeps track of where I am up to in all my TV Shows (This wasn’t available when I paid for Infuse). Without the “watched marker” this app is of no use to me at all. It would be a step backwards for me to start using it.

To be honest, I’m not that concerned any longer. It’s taken so long a such a glaring omission to be added, that the missus is now used to Kodi & I probably won’t bother switching it all now.

I still have the old ATV2s running Infuse which works fine, but for the ATV4, this app is useless for me.

Ok fair enough, whatever gets the job done for you.
Couldn’t disagree more with the overall assessment though, IMO Infuse > Kodi/MrMC x 1000

You could well be right that Infuse is much better than Kodi, but until it has this function, I’ll have no way of knowing. It’s simply not an option for me to use it until it’s included.

OK, check out 4.1 when it arrives then. I’m sure you’ll be happy.
As I said, I’m sure the wait will be very short

They do not normally make an announcement until it has been accepted by Apple!

We actually got a new RC issued to beta testers after it had been suggested that a release had been submitted to Apple and since the change log indicated a minor change made at Apples request perhaps the first submission did not get accepted. I guess the good side of that is that are probably even more bugs fixes included :slight_smile:

Firstly great work firecore.The Watched indicator is a bit small, maybe the bar style indicator would be easier to see.cheers

Something like the battery bar on the iPhone ???

It’s certainly a start. I can now see what is watched/party watched once inside a TV Show. Is there any way to add this so it shows that a Show has been completley watched without going into the folder and checking individual Seasons? (or maybe it’s there & I’m missing something?)

This will currently happen for seasons, but not for a folder containing multiple seasons. This could change in 4.2. :wink:

Hi James,

Having not tried Infuse in a long time, as this feature was missing, I decided to give it another go.

I’ve paid up for a year on the Pro version yesterday, but it still seems to me that there’s no way to see if a Show is in progress without going deeper into a shows individual seasons. Am I missing something, or has this still not been implemented? At the moment, for me (or the other half) to check if a TV has been started, there is still no indicator on the main menu screen, but only if you go into each TV show’s folder & look at the seasons inside? Thanks.

This won’t be available when browsing folders, but if you browse via the Library you’ll have access to watched indicators and artwork available at both the series and season level.

This is what I alluded to in my above comment regarding 4.2, which is where Library first appeared back in 2016. :slight_smile: