Lack of support for E00 episodes

It’s simple: the app doesn’t combine E00 episodes together with E01, E02, etc.

I think that this is a bug and should be fixed.

Can you give an example of such an episode?

I suspect it may be a ‘Special’ which is handled by naming it as an episode in season S00 … you may need to look the special up on to find the appropriate episode number.

Those are actually fairly common. Yes, they are typically specials, such prep episodes ahead of the new season.

I don’t care so much about the metadata being pulled correct for them, but it’s the lack of grouping that bothers me. Any episode numbers that have the same SXXE prefix should be grouped together in the app, because that is what is intended.

TheTVDb classifies specials in their our unique season (season 0).

In this example ( the episode that airs between episode 20 and 21 is classified as special number 1 ( So naming it Lost.S00.E01.mp4 would allow you to get the correct info.

Hi James, it is not about getting the correct info. It’s about grouping the relevant episodes under the same season collection. I am not going to rename an episode of a show to be season XX when it’s actually season YY just to get the info. The logic to be applied here is which season a particular special belongs to.

I guess I can understand why this would be desirable in some cases, but it wouldn’t allow you to get any metadata for these episodes, or keep watched history/progress in sync between devices. For most people this is not ideal.

However, I’ll see if we can look into when we have a chance.

I have two things I do in these situations.

  1. If sequence is important, like a prequel episode, I duplicate E01 but append title text to get this in the front. For example “S1E01 ~prequel”. The captured description is a duplicate of the true E01, but the title explains it. Obviously you can do this at any place in the series, like a mid-season holiday special.

  2. If I just want it grouped, like an extra or outtakes, I use the next episode number beyond the actual season. For example in a 12 episode season, I add E13. A general description of the series gets captured and I can again be specific in appended title text. Both options work very well with the metadata capture and with infuse library.

For prequel episodes, the metadata is less relevant (to me anyway), it is the grouping that is more important

I do have the same problem.

doesn’t combine E00 episodes together with E01, E02, etc"

It is this episode: "The Prisoner" Arrival (TV Episode 1967) - IMDb
from this series: The Prisoner (TV Series 1967–1968) - IMDb

The meta data are wrong, that are not that important for me that want to keep the original file name (and it is officially episode 0). But it will be a problem for others that start counting on 1 :frowning:

Infuse uses for TV series not IMDB. Infuse handles specials for TV shows as Season 00 so the one you’re taking about would be:

“The Prisoner 1967 S00E01.mkv” Will give you a list of the special episode numbers.

(I’m not sure if you need the year on that series like I used as an example but it worked for me)