Label for only-one-season show on Poster View main screen

May be it has been discussed already but I could not find, sorry in this case…

Some TV Shows have one and only one season. This usual case and type of saving movies with several episodes, for instance (multi-episodes movies). In this case the most convenient and usual case that episodes of this movie have names like: MovieName.s01e01.ext, MovieName.s01e02.ext, etc. So, this type movies will be recognize by Infuse like TV Show - it’s ok! But in Poster View I will see the artwork of the Show with label under it: “Season 1”. The same situation if the episodes are putted in one level folder. It is not a problem put not for perfectionists:-)). I have to put series to folders with two levels, like: \MovieName\Episodes and put into folder “MovieName” the additional folder.jpg file. In this case in Poster View I will see artwork with it’s name as label and into this folder Season 1.

May it is possible to realize in the future updates if in library (folder) only one season, then use for the label under artwork the Name the Show, but not “Season 1”. Or may be use for indicate this type tv shows special small xml file as indicator… or may be other ideas…

When a TV show or a documentary series only has one season there should not be a “season 1” label on the cover like in this picture:

These are documentaries with only 3-5 episodes. With the “season 1” label it looks like there will be more seasons, which there won’t.

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I have created a Request for a similar topic about TVShows with only One Season…:

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it is really a good idea to have this feature.