kudos infuse!



Just wanted to share my experience. I have been lurking infuse for a few months now and I finally took the plunge a couple of days ago. I was minded for thetered jailbreak but unthetered came in the meantime, so it is even better than expected!


I used the PlexConnect hack for the last couple of months and I was really pleased with the experience, but I really wanted to turn the plex server off. Having this old noisy PC running 24/7 in the basement wasn’t cool so I was looking for something that would allow me to read my media directly off my Synology NAS and show it on the big screen.


I started with jailbreaking ATV which was a breeze with Seas0nPass and then I played a bit with XMBC. I must admit that it runs way better than I was expecting on the aTV2. It’s really not bad at all, but I’ve never been a big fan of XBMC. I mean, it’s an awesome piece of software, but there is too much stuff that I don’t care about. I’m sure many people like it and would never use anything else and I understand that, but for me, all I want is to be able to navigate my media in an easy interface and read it directly from my NAS to my TV. XBMC does that, but it can be really tricky about naming convention and it can be really complicatd to get everything like wanted and being an IT guy with a lot of background in configuring things, I can definitely handle XBMC, but now that I have a family, all I want is my 4 years old daughter to be able to quickly play her movies and kid stuff and it takes too much effort in my opinion to configure XMBC for just that. Sure it looks amazing with all those pretty skins and you can install tons of addons, but you know what, most of them are cool, but really not needed. If you want to stream internet content, that’s another story, but I don’t need that and anyway, thing like aTV itself or Roku are better options than xbmc for that in my opinion.

So, I decided to give infuse a chance and I was really impressed!  Sure it took me a few hours to get a hold of it and configure everything like I wanted but now it is up and running and the integration with the aTV interface is really cool. Infuse was able to recognize 99% of my media on the first try and with a little tweaking it now support 100% of my stuff. It even supports french translations for all my french stuff for kids! Something that XBMC can do, but definitely not with a lot of configuring!


I understand my needs are basic, but I sincerely believe that a lot of people are in the same boat and I can tell you Infuse is the way to go. It’s too bad Apple doesn’t integrate something like that directly into the aTV, so many people would buy it!


Anyway, I’m really glad I did give it a try and from now on, it will be my main HTPC until something better comes up… ATV4 with appstore ?  who knows!