Korean/Japan TV metadata support issue

infuse works very well on US/UK TV series
but most of the Korean/Japan TV series can’t get the metadata
Could you please fix that?

You might get better answers if you’d provide a few names of series from each that are not working for you.

just like
City Hunter 2011
Ghost 2012
Goblin 2016
It’s ok, That’s Love 2014
Signal 2016
W:Two Worlds 2016
Boku no yabai tsuma 2016

Burning Ice 2017

infuse can’t get metadata, but synology’s video station works well

Did a quick check and most appear on thetvdb.com so you may have to tweak the file name a bit to get the metadata but it’s there.

How are the files named?

for example
the file name is “Ghost.E01.720P.HDTV.X264-KiSHD”

video station can get metadata, but infuse failed
how could I tweak the file name?

I tried to manually search the name in infuse
it can’t get the metadata, either

It’s missing the season. Try “Ghost.S01E01.720P.HDTV.X264-KiSHD.ext”

The “S0xE0x” is what seems to que infuse into being a tv series.

I just tried the name I suggested and it pulled it right up.

This show https://www.thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=259562&lid=7

it works!

Your welcome, enjoy!