KODI suddenly quits back to Apple TV

I’ve recently installed 2.5 and along with that Kodi. Prior to that I was running 2.4 but did a complete re-install of 2.5

I’ve also gone ahead and installed about 20 video add-ons. What’s happening, and it’s quite consistent across various add-ons is that KODI will be loading a menu (spinning circle thing) and then it suddenly quits back to the main Apple TV menu. It appears to be restarting Lowtide in the process.

Although a token measure, I removed then re-installed KODI through Maintenance and no change.

Just me?

Do you have Infuse installed? Seems to be incompatible with Kodi.

I had this running fine for at least 6 months. I only recently reset the ATV and re-installed Firecore and it seems to only since then.

I’m thinking now that I possibly had too many add-ons installed. I removed all of them and with only 2 installed, seems stable now.

I’ll post back if I find anything more conclusive.

What version of Kodi is installed? Can you get the Kodi.log from /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences?

Had my AppleTV 2 for 5yrs, made the BIGGEST mistake of performing a re-install… My Current ATV Flash was “Out of date” so I was forced to re-purchase it…

I just paid $29.95 for ATV Flash…

I Restored my Apple TV via iTunes 11 to iOS 5.3… Installed Seas0nPass installed ATV Flash, Installed Infuse, Installed KODI… Infuse works fine and KODI CONSTANTLY quits, with every launch