Kodi keeps Crashing when I play any content


Wondering if someone could explain why kodi keeps crashing?

This usually happens around 10mins in to my TV show or Movie then it crashes and restart ATV 2.

Should my apple tv memory really be using 70%?



I’d suggest you do a clean install of Kodi and add only the add-ons you’ll be using. I’ve found too many addons causes re-boots. Also, I use the ZERO CACHE as my only advanced setting. I’ve never had a re-boot

Thanks Carpenter940 that seemed to take care of it! It looked like I had every addon under the under installed…

Good to hear.

I have the same problem but I have no idea of how to do it. Someone did it for me a while ago. Where do i start. I want to be able to do it my self.

Has anyone replied yet with instructions on how to fix Kodi crashes? How to make your cache size zero and how to do a fresh install adding only the add ons you want? The only one I really use is Exodus. Thanks in advance!