killall AppleTV, fail


Ok, I’m looking for some help here. :)

I have been trying to install Plex on my Apple TV 2nd gen for some hours.

My problem is that when I have ssh’d in and done all as usual and all that’s left is to type “killall AppleTV” and I should be done, it doesn’t work. So I thought id kill the pid, but when I type in “ps -eaf” I can’t find the line /Applications/ and thus can’t find the pid either.

I have tried “killall -9 AppleTV” and still no luck. And I have been looking for the <pid> both ssh’d in and out and nothing. I had no problem on my earlier version on (4.3 I believe) but the problem appeared when I installed 4.4.4 firmware file using Seas0nPass.

If anyone know where I can find the pid it would be a big help!:smiley: