Kids access app on Apple TV without parental lock PIN?

I have Infuse running on my appleTV 4K. I would like my kids to enter the app and access content without a PIN code but I would like to lock some movie folders / ratings so they require a PIN and my kids can’t watch. Is this possible? When I enable Settings → Parental Controls → Restrictions ‘ON’, the PIN seems to become required for everything, including to simply open the Infuse app. Is it possible to change that setting, so a PIN is only required to enter locked content, and not required to access everything?

I’ll add that I know about the ‘long-press’ on folders to select the option ‘Enable Parental Lock’; but enabling that doesn’t seem to do anything.


Moved your post to the suggestions forum and added to the title so it’s specific to the ATV.

I don’t use the parental controls but it would make sense to me to have the same option as the iOS and MacOS version that have the App lock option of on or off.

+1 to this.

I bought a subscription today because Infuse is fantastic. Playback quality is immediately better than Plex, and the interface is lovely.

But I was really hoping that the parental controls would solve my problems – and unless I’m missing something – they’re not able to do what I want.

Like the parent post I want to be able to add a passcode lock for some folders but not others – i.e. allow the kids to access a ‘kids movies’ folder, but require a passcode for the ‘grown up movies’ folder.

I had a play with the parental controls based on ratings but it’s too confusing – not sure some ratings schemes apply worldwide, and can’t be sure all our content will be tagged appropriately. I just want something dead simple, safe, child-proof and idiot-proof – setting up passcodes on folders would accomplish that i think.

(And as an aside, I was able to turn off all the ‘recently added’ and ‘up next’ sections from the homescreen on Apple TV. This is great because the kids then just see the folders that are available to them).

Saw this on another post. Does this method still work?

Yes, if you just want to limit access to certain folders or categories the steps you post above will still work for that.