Kickstarter contest fund to jailbreak the ATV3

The jb community should join together to reward the people that produce the jailbreaks. I imagine we can start a Kickstarter fund or “The Point” project for every new Apple device or major software version and have people commit to giving $X to whichever developer or jailbreak team is the first to release a JB tool for that device and/or software version. If enough people chip in $1 or $5, we might have a cool $500k to award to the winner (minus the fees taken by Kickstarter or The Point). I myself would happily donate $20 to a fund for an Apple TV3 jailbreak.

Obviously this will need judges or referees, so I think a panel of well-known jb community individuals such as Jay Freeman (A.K.A. suarik of Cydia fame), someone from Firecore, the ih8sn0w developer, etc. can officially pronounce the winner and release the award fund.

The only thing that needs to be done is to have somebody well-known, like saurik to start these jb contest funds so that they get the proper attention from the community. (Here is an example of an iPad2 jailbreak fund which didn’t get any traction)



Is there really no interest in such an idea? Not even from the Firecore dev crew?

Well Firecore already makes a profit from selling their software. They aren’t the ones who find the exploits. They bundle the jailbreaks in a nice little easy to install package. The iPhone Dev Team are the ones responsible for finding exploits and they do not do it for the money but for liberation of iDevices.

I’m not asking the Firecore team to discover exploits. I’d like them or other prominent groups in the Jailbreak community to come out and spearhead a project where the community can reward those who do come up with exploits.

The iPhone Dev Team, Chronic Dev team, etc are awesome, but we can use 1000’s of Geohots, Musclenerds, Pod2gs, i0n1cs and comexs (if he ever comes back to the “dark” side).

So just imagine for a moment that there was a million dollar reward available for the first person or group to release a jailbreak tool for the iPad3- don’t you think there would be potentially hundreds or thousands of security experts trying their luck to win the pot?

The only reason to get Firecore, Suarik, semaphore, chpwn, ih8sn0w etc or others involved is because they have prominence in the community, and can actually “kickstart” such projects by getting hundreds of other people interested in the idea and also most importantly, to allay any concerns that the award money would not go to the right party. I mean, I could start the Kickstarter/The Point project myself, but nobody was exactly flocking to it to donate, and I don’t blame them because who would trust some random person on the internet claiming that he will give the money to the winner of the contest?

Considering the news about no ATV3 jailbreak I would think this suggestion has all of a sudden become a hell of a good idea. 

Yeah… Or maybe firecore should start thinking about develop their own media center… I would probably buy it :slight_smile:

Eric, a fantastic idea but R&D on a any piece of hardware is always DAMN expensive.  Plus, the Apple TV just simply rocks.  The airplay combined with a really clean gui just kicks ass I think.  My wife HATES technology and even she gets how to use it and the ipad airplayed to the apple tv just rounds off the edges.  “oh look at the photos of our holiday mom.  See it’s easy from my ipad to the apple tv”.  She is my test on how easy something is to use.  Plus I moonlight on the weekends helping people out with media solutions eg.  apple tv and nas of backuped DVD’s.  When I show people the apple tv and firecore it sells itself.  I’ve got friends at work who don’t get tech at all using this stuff.  There is a HUGE market but we need to give somebody some money to disappear into a room for a few weeks and not come out until it’s untethered jailbroken.  If Anonymous can hack into Stratfor surely somebody can jailbreak this current Apple TV. 

I get what your saying, even my father is using my AppleTV+Firecore! AirPlay is awesome too, but I just think how great it would be to have a media center solution fully built by Firecore, they could use for hardware that new Ouya console, or the Raspberry PI. And it’s possible to make non iOS-devices compatible with AirPlay, we have “AirPlayers” for Windows, Mac, Android, etc… Anyway, I just don’t wanna see aTV Flash dying because there’s no jailbreak for this current (and future) AppleTVs.