Keyboard & Mouse wireless work in Apple TV?

I need to know before buying if a keyboard & mouse wireless work in the ATV when I use Firefox?

I don’t have one to test, so maybe someone else can test it out for sure, but if it is a wireless keyboard/mouse that all you need to do is press the connect buttons on the devices for them to communicate then you should be fine. If the wireless keyboard/mouse need any software on the Mac to set up the connection, then you are out of luck.

Wireless (non-bluetooth) keyboards are supported. Unfortunately the Apple TV does not have a bluetooth interface, or bluetooth drivers. Keyboards that use a USB dongle with an IR or radio interface will work just fine.

Any recommendations for wireless keyboard/mouse which works wells with ATV. Attempted Microsoft wirless desktop 1000 - keyboard works, but very slow - mouse does not work?
Do I need to install the software which came with this? Did I miss installing some software on ATV Flash??
Thanks - Timbers

I have the same issue with a Trust multi media keyboard. Keyboard works fine, mouse doesn’t. Needless to say for a unit that is being used under a TV, controlled by a hand held remote, a desktop mouse is useless - there’s no desktop. I assume this is the reason for the rumours that Apple are developing a Wii type remote for ATV. Any suggestions how to address this? Its pretty unsatisfactory to use the pointer capability on the hand held remote with one hand and the multi media keyboard with the other.

Can you have a keyboard AND an external drive at once, using a USB hub?